Sometimes an idea starts from afar. In fact, my vision came from the rock ‘Monte Argentario’ in Tuscany, Italy where I was born. From the rich heritage that transcends from my Grandfather Orazio’s hobby, a small and boutique vineyard, it ignited my passion, vocation and promise.

Grandfather Orazio was a man of the land, he was born to it. His eyes firmly fixed on the horizon as he nurtured his craft of bespoke winemaking with rigorous determination and discipline. His endeavours exposed me to a deep understanding of wine and the beauty it brings.

My own dedication over the years has been a revelation of my subconscious searching for my identity, my connection to the land. This identity has grown from my encounters, journeys, stories and places that span all the continents of the world. A rich and diverse experience.

These experiences have provided me with many life lessons, both valuable and humbling, something that I can recognise in my own journey. I draw on this exposure to develop a passionate vocation.

I feel the encouragement of my heritage persuading me to keep the passion, demanding me to have courage to seek further and follow my curiosities to enrich my understanding of wines from around the world.

For this I have found my identity, in my passion and my work. This identity has a name and the name is “Ring of Estates”.